Lesson 12 Group Assignment – Team Gold

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Assignment Instructions:

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The Mt. Nittany Corporation is a small, publicly traded manufacturer in Pennsylvania that makes electronic devices. It has a non-organized workforce. There are about 500 employees, 75% of which are non-skilled workers in manufacturing. About 20% of the employees are managers or individual contributors, and about 5% are highly compensated executives.

Mt. Nittany is considering implementing a defined contribution retirement plan for all of their workers. Given what you know about the company, recommend two potential retirement plans they can choose from that would benefit all of the employees.

  • Why did you choose these two options?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  • What concerns might you have about the administration of each plan?
  • Would you need to do anything to make the plans more fair to a specific group of employees? What would you do and why?

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