Letter to the president

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Read the assigned journal article for the assignment.- Review the questions below. Write a 4-5 page (minimum) paper: normal margins, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, well edited, and stapled. Make sure to focus on addressing the questions below in a well organized and easy to follow format. Avoid lengthy quotations from the reading. You should provide four to five pages of original analysis, rather than simply copying and pasting large sections from the reading into your paper. Some small in text quotations are acceptable but avoid lengthy block quotations. Make sure your paper includes a proper introduction and conclusion. Why did Einstein write to FDR? What were his specific concerns? What did he claim was happening in Germany that prompted him to send follow up letters? Take note of the date of each letter. Does Einstein express greater urgency with each letter? If so, how and why? Make sure to reference specific examples from the reading as you answer these questions.

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