LMU Business Asking Questions when Conducting Interviews Paper

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Part 1 – 

View the two videos, “Field Research in Rural India” and “Field Research in Urban India.” Summarize what you learned. List at least 3 questions that you plan to ask during the virtual Interviews. Be sure your questions are informed by what you learned in these videos and are related to your project. Link your response explicitly to the videos. Field Research in Rural India – https://ensemble.illinois.edu/app/sites/index.aspx… Field Research in Urban India. – https://ensemble.illinois.edu/app/sites/index.aspx…

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Part 3 –

 Reading – “Bottom Up Design for Subsistence Marketplaces.” (Bottom Up Design for Subsistence Marketplaces.pdf)

Articulate what you learned about the bottom-up approach from the reading. Articulate how you incorporated the bottom-up approach in developing the problem/opportunity for the group project (be specific). How does the bottom-up approach help in gaining marketplace insights for Business For Good. 

 My group project consists of helping the less fortunate by grouwing crops and food in specific areas and also teaching them how to grow it.


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