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Although the nature of our healthcare system is in flux, historically most insurance plans have limited the amount and type of coverage available for mental health treatments. Often only a limited number of therapeutic sessions may be covered or coverage may be available for the only the most severe cases.  Programs may only cover medical approaches (e.g., drug treatments) even though many people may prefer to avoid taking psychoactive drugs and there is ample evidence that psychotherapy may be both more economical and effective in the long term.

So:  Our question for this week

:  Why have insurance companies limited mental health care when even very minor physical ailments are covered?  What justification is there for limiting care for psychological disorders? Do you agree with these reasons? What potential negative consequences, to both the individual and to society, may emerge from failing to provide adequate and timely care for mental health issues?  If it were up to you, how would the health care system deal with mental health issues? Why do you feel that way?


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