MapOnMe (MOM) is a company that aims to provide a local spatial data that can be used to analyse urban movement behaviour. For this purpose, this company provides a system where the map data is manual

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MapOnMe (MOM) is a company that aims to provide a local spatial data that can be used to analyse urban movement behaviour. For this purpose, this company provides a system where the map data is manually inserted by their staffs and trajectory data are obtained from public contributors. A trajectory is a time series of visited location point that shows a user movement in a specific of time window. A trajectory may contain numerous of trajectory points, however in some rare cases, a trajectory may consist of no trajectory points at all.

For the map data, the entry is manually inserted or updated by the administrator. A spatial object can be modified several times by different administrators. For historical purposes reason, the updated date and reason must be recorded for any objects added/modified by the administrators. There are three types of objects in map data, which are Point Data, Road Data and Region Data. Each object will have a unique object identifier called “objectID”. A Point data shows a location for an object such as Restaurant, Shop, Education or Public Service. Any other type of objects will be classified as Others. A Point may have multiple classifications. For example, a shop may have a restaurant in it. Each Point object will have a specific object name and the Geolocation coordinate that contains a pair of Latitude and Longitude values.

A Road object is the road in the local area that might be classified as Highway, Primary, Residential or Footpath. Highway is a road normally with 2 or more running lanes plus emergency hard shoulder. This type of road is usually used to connect metropolitan area with regional area. Primary road is the main road in an area. The Residential road is the road that located in residential area which serves as an access to housing, without function of connecting settlements. The Footpath is a road restricted to pedestrian and bicycle access. Each Road entry must have road name and road length in Km. A road data is represented as a specific sequence of coordinate list. The Region data is used to represent Region in the local area. The Region data has region name, area size in SqKm and a specific sequence of coordinate list as a closed loop.

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A member must be registered in the system by providing preferred memberID, email and name. The date and time when a member joins as user are obtained automatically during registration. The Administrators are staffs in this company that have modification right to insert, update or delete the spatial objects. The administrators are identified by their adminID, email and name.

To submit their own trajectory data, a user or an administrator must be recognized as Contributor. Only contributors can submit trajectories. Not all administrators or users are considered as contributors. Contributors will gain points for trajectories submitted to the system.

When submitting the trajectory data, an automatic TrajID will be assigned to the trajectory. The member must provide the date when the trip trajectory was done. The time when a member submits the trajectory will be obtained automatically. The trip duration and trip distance will be calculated automatically based on the trajectory points provided by the member.


You are required to develop an EER model for the above problem description. The EER should contain all necessary information such as entities, attributes, primary keys, relationships (including specialization/generalization if any), cardinalities, and participation (including (min, max)). All specialization/generalization and union type must be represented accordingly, instead being treated as simple association relationships. Any assumptions should also be stated clearly. If assumptions are made, it is important to make sure that the assumptions reflect possible real practice for a particular industry and do not contradict with the problem description above.

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