Marketing Plan Part E: Distribution Plan and Promotions Strategy

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Journal 4: Marketing
Plan Part E: Distribution Plan and Promotions Strategy

Week 8 and worth 160 points

You will now consider mechanisms by which your customers will purchase your
products and / or services (e.g., online, storefront, direct sells) and the
primary manner in which you intend to reach new customers (e.g.,TV, radio,
social media, special events).

Consider the marketing materials that you intend to use. According to the
textbook, marketing materials are collateral used to promote your business or
products. Promotional strategy may include free trial offers, money-back
guarantees, and buy two (2) for the price of one (1) type of deals. Write a five
to seven (5-7) paragraph journal entry in which you:

  1. Determine the distribution strategy relative to your target market,
    location, and selection of distribution channels. Indicate whether or not you
    will leverage the following strategies: a.use stores located in different
    regions b.sell online c.hire a sales team to sell directly to suppliers and
  2. Recommend three (3) strategy options that you could use in order to get your
    product or services out to your customer base.
  3. Outline your main marketing goals for promotions, offers, and giveaways.
    Discuss the key types of marketing materials that you intend to develop and
  4. Propose three (3) action steps that you can use to move your plan forward.
    Consider how, when, and who will be involved in the execution of this plan.
  5. Use at least two (2) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites
    do not qualify as academic resources.

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