Menopause and anatomical changes, assignment help

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2. Reference sources that are used. Remember; 2 referenced sources are required.

3. NOTE: The goal is NOT to retype the text but to break down the concept and clarify. You can quote the text but that portion must be clarified and explained by you.

4. Label each section according to the following that might apply to your topic:

Consider the following Subheaders:

-The explanation / background of the topic- How would you teach it? (*Everyone must do this part)

-The Structure and Function relationship in the body (Important!)

-Examples to clarify and teach. (Important!)

-Tips and Tricks for Remembering and Recalling.

-How does the topic apply to real life.

-Interesting and current research on the topic.

-Why is this an important topic?

Connect the dots for us with critical thinking. It is strongly encouraged that your initial post be posted by 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday. It should be 300-500 Words. 2 credible references are expected to create a substantial main post.

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