Module 3 Case Assignment

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the assignment state is a group assignment it’s not a group assignment it’s just an individual assignment thank you

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Assignment Expectations

This Case is to cover team processes and the IT infrastructure to support team processes. For the IT infrastructure refer to Module 3, Lecture 1: Business IT Networks and Components (above). The IT infrastructure consists of components identified as hardware, software, communication systems, data resources, and people. These components apply to information systems, and in Module 3, you will be analyzing collaboration systems. Within your team, try agreeing on one technology for collaboration or conferencing such as such as Evernote, Skype, Google Docs, Citrix GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, Join.Me, or any other appropriate technology.

Your study team discussion should provide detail on the infrastructure components (hardware, software, communication systems, data resources, and people) of your chosen collaborative technology. There should be one thread discussing the infrastructure only. Each student will use it as input to her/his own Module 3 Case Assignment.

Second, each member should document the interactions with other using both the Team area in the course room and any techniques you use outside the course room. Write one paragraph with your own personal reflections working in the team as Part II of the assignment.

Each member of the team will post to the dropbox a 3- to 4-page paper combining the following:

  1. The group findings on the IT infrastructure to support team processes discussing hardware, software, communication systems, data resources, and people for the selected tool or application.
  2. Add a paragraph in which you individually discuss your thoughts on the group interaction with this project.

Note: For students who deliver Case 3 late and outside the team discussion, please read the conversation threads and prepare your paper based on those conclusions.

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