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(4 pages, at least 4 references with a maximum of 7)

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Dimensions: biological, psychological, social, and spiritual

Each student will create a timeline of his/her own development.

Identify four (4) “life events” that are significant in reflecting and/or shaping the person you have been, are, and continue to become.

The four life events are to represent biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of yourself (one (1) event for each dimension).

My “life events” are below:

Micro level:

Psychological:(Kindergarten, age 4-Preschooler 3-5 Years/Initiative vs. Guilt – Purpose, Lincoln Elementary)-When I was 4 years old I witness my mother’s brother dead.

Spiritual: (First Grade, School-Age 6-12 years/Industry vs. Inferiority – Competence, Lincoln Elementary)-When I was 6 I gave my life to Christ. My parents at the time were not big on religion. They had a huge household to take care of. Even though they were not full believers at the time I made the decision to step into that light.

Biological-(Senior, age 16–Adolescent: 12 to 18 Years/Identity vs. Role Confusion – Fidelity, Liberty High)-When I was a senior my father was diagnosis with congestion heart failure. During this time my parents were separated after 16 years of marriage.

Social:-(Freshman, age 17-Adolescent: 12 to 18 Years Identity vs. Role Confusion – Fidelity, Union University) I attended a predominant white university and freshman year I experienced discrimination. My three roommates were white and they would say negative and hurtful things towards me but not directly in my face. They felt that I should not be there and I did not “fit in”.

Macro level:

Psychological: (1994, The biggest tornado outbreak)

Spiritual: (1996, Jessica Dubroff, 7, is killed in a plane crash in Cheyenne, Wyoming while attempting to set a record as the youngest person to pilot an airplane across the United States)

Biological: (2007, 32 people are killed in the Virginia Tech massacre)

Social:(2008, President Barack Obama was elected the first African-American president of the United States)

Additionally, students are to consider the time and environmental dimensions of the unique events at the

(1) micro level (what age, stage of development, and in what settings – natural and physical environments – did the events take place) and

(2) mezzo/macro level (during what year did the events take place, and what was going on in the “larger society” that may have had an impact on your experiences).

The paper should contain the following sections:

1. Timeline graphic

2. Narrative – written in first person – that:

a. Describes each event

b. Explains its significance to your development

c. Locates the event within time and environmental dimensions at micro and mezzo/macro levels and analyses the impact(s) of those dimensions

3. Concluding statement entitled “Implications for Social Work Practice” in which you identify strengths and limitations for effective social work practice that you draw from your life events.

4. At least 4-7 supporting academic journals cited in your writing to support your own ideas. You can use websites is you wish as well as your textbooks along with the journal articles). Example: If your life event that you are discussing is “death”…you can find an article that supports the type of grieving that you went through (i.e. complicated, delayed, etc.).

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