My main topic on human trafficking • APA format, containing an introduction, the body of the research, and conclusion, intext citations, reference page, 6 Pages. • Three to five sources (textbook, or

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My main topic on human trafficking

• APA format, containing an introduction, the body of the research, and conclusion, intext citations, reference page, 6 Pages.

• Three to five sources (textbook, or professional journals. articles)

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What are the things they do to Lure them in or distract them to get them?

What is human trafficking?

The way the system works when it comes to it.

Most common age of victims.

Cases study’s on human trafficking

Can people that work in areas that have to do with children like schools or

hospitals be trained better to look for hints with kids that are being trafficked?

Can we have a better-known protocol to help detect human traffic victims.

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