Name: Case study of Trevor Reznik from The Machinist (movie, 2004)Write a 1-2 page, double spaced APA,essay determining the diagnosis of the vignette provided in the learning resources section. The es

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: Case study of Trevor Reznik from

The Machinist

(movie, 2004)

Write a 1-2 page, double spaced APA,

essay determining the diagnosis of the vignette provided in the learning resources section. The essay must include appropriately cited and referenced supporting material from the textbook and/or other scholarly resources.  Justify your diagnosis with criteria according to the DSM-V.

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Address the following questions in your essay:


  • What diagnosis would you give Trevor Reznik? Why?
  • What are the major symptoms of the disorder? What symptoms does he display?
  • What symptoms does he not display?



Name: Case study of Trevor Reznik from The Machinist (movie, 2004)Write a 1-2 page, double spaced APA,essay determining the diagnosis of the vignette provided in the learning resources section. The es
Name: Trevor Reznik Source: The Machinist (movie, 2004) Background Information Trevor Renik is a middle aged male of Euro-Asian decent. Trevor is a blue-collar worker. Trevor works for a company, National Machine, as a welder. Trevor’s work environment is not a positive or friendly one. Trevor’s age and family history are not known through the film. Trevor Reznik is not a healthy individual: he smokes cigarettes, he does not sleep, he does not eat at all, and consumes large amount of caffeine. Trevor states he does not drink frequently, but is seen drinking throughout the film. Trevor is not seen eating once throughout the film, nor does he engage in any physical exercise. Trevor is socially withdrawn and does not have any close friends or family members. The interactions with women in the beginning of the film indicate that Trevor is lonely. Trevor’s interactions with women show he does not have healthy relationships with women. One is with a prostitute, Stevie, whom he is a patron of throughout the film. Another woman is a waitress, Maria, whom Trevor believes he interacts with, but is actually one of Trevor’s hallucinations. Realistically, Trevor never interacted with his waitress, whom was unrecognizable to Trevor when he is not hallucinating. Trevor’s work environment is a constant stressor. Trevor’s boss informs Trevor he “is on his shit list”. Trevor is confronted by his bosses and asked for a Urinary Analysis because they believe he “looks like shit” thus he must be on drugs. Co-workers invite him to play poker and Trevor declines, upon doing so a co-worker responds “What’s wrong with you, you used to be alright” while another co-worker says “You were never alright, but you used to hang”. Trevor creates a hazardous situation at work while in an induced fatigue hallucination resulting in a co-worker losing his hand due to Trevor’s actions. Trevor’s co-workers are hostile and aggressive towards him after the work-related accident, thus Trevor experiences persecutory delusions and referential delusions. Trevor experiences many life-stressors throughout the film such as injuring others, himself, losing his job, losing relationships, and legal issues. Description of the Problem Trevor is consumed by his own delusions and hallucinations, which are induced from a hit-and-run. Trevor allows his memory to torment himself and has poor coping skills. Trevor’s coping technique of thought repression to handle the hit-and-run make him feel enormous amounts of guilt. The implicit guilt Trevor experiences is explicitly seen throughout the film by his sticky notes in his home. Trevor’s hit-and-run provoked the negative image of self to control all aspects of his life. Trevor has no desired goals or outcomes from his life, except to answer sticky notes he leaves himself. “Who are you?” is a sticky note Trevor leaves himself to remind him to seek for whom he really is. Trevor’s weaknesses are his inability to interact socially and distinguish what is actually reality. Trevor is paranoid from his hallucinations and delusions and he frequently feels as if people are following him. Trevor thoughtfully analyzes situations to “expose” plots against him, while doing so he throws himself in front of a moving car in order to get information from the police. Upon doing so, the police inform him he is committing a felony and so he runs through underground tunnels to evade pursuit. Trevor finally realizes who he is by the end of the film: he is an individual that killed a little boy by committing a hit-and-run. After realizing who he is, a “killer”, Trevor turns himself into the police for the hit-and-run. The individual who he hallucinated throughout the film was himself as Ivan and Maria, the victim’s mother. Trevor is able to sleep once he turns himself into the police.

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