Need Article Assignment completed on empirical psychology article

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For full instructions, read the Article Assignment Instructions located in the Course Materials.

Students will earn 15%of the final grade by completing the following assignment. Read and review one empirical psychological research journal article. The article must be related to one of the topics to be covered this term. Refer to your textbook for ideas.

There are two major steps: First find an Empirical Psychological Research Article and submit the abstract to the instructor for approval no later than February 17th. Then, once you have received permission to use that article, read it and answer the questions listed below. The completed article assignment is due no later than March 3rd, 2017 .

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I will grade your assignments by the following week and return them with suggestions. You may make improvements / corrections and resubmit the assignment by March 17th for reconsideration of the grade.

To receive credit for this assignment:A.          attach a cover sheet that includes your name and the article citation (i.e., author’s name, year published, title of journal, volume # and pages);B.           attach a copy of the articleC.           type your answers to the following questions:1.                  What is the topic and research question that the authors are addressing; why did you choose this subject / article?2.                  What type of research did the authors use? (e.g., survey, correlation, experiment, longitudinal, etc.)3.                  Identify the independent (if applicable) and dependent (hint: measures) variable in this study.4.                  Briefly describe the main findings of the study.5.                  Discuss▪                                       how the conclusions of the study compare to those you have read or held personally before this;▪                                       how they relate to the material in the book (give specific chapter and page reference) and▪                                       what other information you think is necessary before drawing firm conclusions about the topic.

Article that needs to be used:

Children’s Capacity to Consent to Participation

in Psycholofplcai Research: Empirical Findings

Rona Abramovltch, Jonatlum L. Freedman,

Kirhy liioden, and Crystal Nikotich

University of Toronto


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