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MBA course use scholarly citation min of 3 pages or more if needed to explain in detail. Plag free and complete work.

 Select one question from Chapter 9 and one question from Chapter 10 and address thoroughly.

Chapter 9 

1. Part of what makes digital media such a powerful tool for marketers is the ability to customize content and messages for individuals or specific groups of consumers. That allows marketers to interact with large online communities, such as devoted Saab owners at or the Harley Owners Group at the motorcycle company’s corporate site,

 Pick one of your favorite hobbies, pastimes, or areas of interest—music, sports, literature, investing—you decide. Visit three or four prominent websites featuring your interest area. What similarities and differences can you detect between sites with respect to the advertising or sponsorship at the site? What site features are designed to keep surfers coming back? Do you think they are effective? Explain.


2. Visit portal sites like Google, Yahoo!, or that use paid searchfor sponsored links and display/banner advertising. Search for items related to popular products or personal interests. What sponsored links or display/banner ads appeared alongside of your search results? How do those sponsored links or display/banner ads correlate to your search topic, if at all? Next, click on some of the sponsored links or display/banner ads that were produced along with your search results and describe what happens. Did you get transferred to a product website? Were you taken to an online promotion such as a sweepstakes? What purpose did the company have in prompting your click-throughs, and what incentives were you given to oblige the advertiser with your time and effort? Finally, describe the different experiences you had clicking through different display/banner ads and rate their effectiveness from a consumer perspective.

Chapter 10

2. Imagine that you have been hired by a travel agency to develop a direct appeal letter for a spring break ski trip to Colorado, targeting college-age young adults. Write a three- to four-paragraph appeal letter for the vacation package, and then explain how the travel agency would measure response to the appeal and what next steps you would recommend in the direct-marketing campaign to further engage potential customers and to close the sale.


3. This chapter discusses serious privacy concerns raised by database marketing. Today’s marketers are gathering enormous amounts of information about individuals, and much of the database development occurs without the consent or awareness of consumers. Visit the following sites, and explain the contribution of each to the issue of online privacy.

 Better Business Bureau:

TRUSTe: (Links to an external site.)

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