Observation and Evaluation Essay

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Please view the following PDF

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I have actually posted this assignment before but the professor is really confusing and thought the assignment was on the book but it wasn’t.


FROM PDF – But please read PDF completely.


For the essay, you will attend some event, or view a production or art exhibit,
go out for a meal, or perform some other similar activity. You may attend a play, or foreign
film (I will not accept a conventional Hollywood film, but you may rent a foreign film if none are
showing at a theater in your area). You may even go out to dinner to sample an ethnic or national
cuisine you have never tried before. The goal is to try something new, so please do not evaluate
something you have already done.

Then you will write an essay using the tools of analysis, inference, and synthesis, pointing, where appropriate to specific
instances/examples to evaluate your experience.

In other words, did you like the film/play/art
exhibit/meal and why? Your essay will be judged on the following criteria:





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