OM discussion

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Select 1 issue to managing supply chains and how it applies
to any key learning take-away presented by Ferdow (including facts
presented in the article). What did you learn from reading the article
and which (pick 1 or maybe 2) of the 8 issues related to managing supply
chains which applies. Your discussion response, uploaded here on
Blackboard, should be 100 words or less. Deliver your point succinctly
and accurately remembering, A-I-D-A (Attention – Interest – Desire –

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For example, my response: The OM text emphasizes “The Need to
Manage the Supply Chain” including “The Need to Improve Operations.”
Ferdows notes the “Challenge of Hysteresis.” Operations Managers should
be vigilant in both assessment and evaluation of the supply chain and
its environment so as to minimize hysteresis. The sooner a challenge is
identified, the sooner a solution can be determined. Managers must
actively practice OM.”

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