operation management 1500 words and ppt 2 day

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Hello, this is the essay that needs an operation management or supply chain background. If you don’t have any those background please do not reply. I will post case questions. Then post this case report model.Do not cheat or copy. do not use any ChatGPT or AI tools. the school will use cheating tools double check. Similarity must be less than 5%.. Unless I will ask refund and give you bad view..

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Topic?Augmented reality (AR & VR, Virtual Reality))


The team should take the role of a consultant or senior analyst assigned to report on the issues to senior management.

In all cases students are expected to research at least 5 peer-reviewed articles (e.g., journal papers) about the topic in discussion to help support their analysis. Wikipedia, blogs, and other unreliable web sources will not be accepted.

Instead of focusing on technical aspects of each topic, the scope of this assignment is applications of the technology in operations.  How do these technologies improve operations performance and/ or create new opportunities for business?

In general, the presentations should cover:

An introductory section about current technological trends;

A summary description of the topic (what is it? How does it work?);

Business applications of the technologies discussed (preferably in area of operations);

A discussion of the potential for the technologies discussed to be game-changers in business/operations (opportunities and challenges), including major players or solutions providers, investment estimation and cost-benefit analysis if applicable.

A conclusion section.

The team will prepare a written presentation.  The text should follow APA format, 10-15 pages (max 5,000 words). There is not a firm guideline of the report content. However, it is important that the following information be present.

Cover page with the usual information – student information, title, subtitle, course and section names and numbers.

Executive summary – the report is addressed to senior management of the company in question.

You only need do  this part : discuss how the technologies being talked about could greatly impact business operations, both positively and negatively. This will also include information about the companies that offer thes e technologies, the cost of investing in them and an assessment of the pros and cons of utilizing them. 1500words and including 5refercne,ppt about what you write for me from this part.  


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