Outcome #4 Argumentative Essay

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You will compose an argumentative essay that successfully supports a position on a topic related to management and leadership, using an organizational context with which you are familiar. The essay will be at least seven pages long, and will include at least five authoritative sources to support the claims and counterclaims. In addition:

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  • The thesis statement articulates a position on a topic relevant to managers and leaders. The essay includes clearly stated premises, claims, and conclusions.
  • The essay includes consideration of possible counterarguments, counterclaims, and objections; and the bases on which they are refuted.
  • All claims and informational statements that go beyond “common knowledge” are supported with evidence from authoritative sources that are appropriately cited and referenced.
  • The conclusion reiterates the thesis statement, summarizes how it has been supported with premises, claims, and evidence, and indicates the implications of the position that has been taken.

This means that for this deliverable, your title page, abstract page and reference page, are not part of the seven (7) pages. The seven (7) pages are the body of the deliverable.

Therefore, a successful deliverable should include a title page in APA format 6th edition; an abstract page in APA format 6th edition; seven (7) pages of body in APA format 6th edition with all the elements needed and as described for Outcome #4; and a reference page that is in APA format 6th edition.

As described above, you should have at least five (5) authoritative sources and APA format must be used for citations and references.

Finally, you will write a reflection on the relative effectiveness of your argumentation, including specific lessons learned and recommendations for improvement. Your reflection should include an assessment of how well your argument supported your thesis, how it could be improved, and what you learned from the exercise.


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