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Write an Original essay on parenting I am a first time mom i am 29 years old. my son is 5 months old must be 3,000-4,500 words and all 6 subtopics are required


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Social Science

Course Description

The following subtopics are to be addressed:

Subtopic 1:

discuss the development of parenting skills

Subtopic 2:

discuss parental values and attitudes that accompany stages in the development of the child

Subtopic 3:

analyze methods of effective guidance

Subtopic 4:

discuss the role of discipline; compare and contrast discipline with punishment

Subtopic 5:

discuss constructive and destructive elements in parenting styles; identify at least three categories
of parenting styles; include an overview of the parenting behaviors associated with each style and
the results obtained from each

Subtopic 6:

discuss the challenges to responsible and effective parenting presented by contemporary society

Essays must be written and submitted in essay template and follow these guidelines:

  • They must be written in the first person.
  • 3,000- 4,500
  • Fill Out Attached Subtopics
  • Use 12-point, Times New Roman font and double-space the document.
  • Address the four sections of Kolb’s experiential learning model:
    1. Concrete experience
    2. Reflective observation
    3. Abstract conceptualization
    4. Active experimentation
    5. The topic must represent your personal experience — not history, research, observation or the experience of a third party. The essay should demonstrate a high level of expertise.

    What is Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model?

    According to Kolb, “Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.” In his model, there are four distinct segments to learning:

    • Description of Concrete experience
    • Reflections
    • Generalizations/Principles/Theories
    • Testing and Application

    Applying Kolb’s Model to Your Essay

    When you write your experiential essay, you are required to use each of Kolb’s four steps to describe each of the required subtopics. For instance, if you have developed a nutrition or health plan with your health care provider, and have maintained that health plan, you may want to write the essay on “Human Nutrition and Health”. You must address all 6 subtopics in your 3,000 to 4,500 word essay:

    • Subtopic 1: Explain the physiological role of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in maintaining health.
    • Subtopic 2: Explore the physiological role of vitamins and minerals in disease prevention.
    • Subtopic 3: Discuss major nutritional guidelines to decrease heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.
    • Subtopic 4: Analyze modifications from national recommended guidelines you have made in your diet and the rationale for those modifications.
    • Subtopic 5: Explore challenges US citizens encounter in attaining sound nutrition.
    • Subtopic 6: Discuss current fad diets and the hazards they bring to overall health and wellness.

    In subtopic 1, you must address each of Kolb’s points:

    • Description of Concrete Experience: discuss your experiences with the way your body reacts to specific types of foods, namely proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and how these contribute to your overall health.
    • Reflections: describe your feelings about your experiences and how your thoughts, attitudes and observations developed through the reflective process. For instance, as you experimented with different foods, how did your thoughts change about your nutrition plan? Did you grow to like foods that you didn’t like before? Explain.
    • Generalizations, Principles and Theories: explain specific theories and principles of the physiology of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and how they support your knowledge of the topic in the area of nutrition and health. Discuss what your health care provider explained to you about this topic.
    • Testing and Application: discuss how you tested the theories about protein, carbohydrates and fat. Did applying a particular principle bring about the desired outcome? Why or why not? You can add more to this discussion by writing about how more recent experiences have impacted your generalizations, principles and theories.

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