“Peer-on-Peer Counseling and Physical and Mental Health” Please respond to the following:

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  • The idea of peer-on-peer counseling has gained momentum over the
    past few years. It is the idea of cops counseling cops. The major
    precept of this theory is that peer-on-peer counseling is better for
    officer experiencing difficulties and in need of support than outside
    professional counseling. Analyze the main advantages of choosing peer on
    peer counseling other than outside professional counseling when
    officers are in trouble. Next, examine the possible short-term and
    long-term effects of using peer-on-peer counseling. Justify your
  • Imagine that you are the new chief law enforcement officer in the
    community where you live. There have been numerous officers involved in
    shootings and police misconduct issues in the media as it relates to
    your department over the last two (2) years. Propose how you would work
    with the local media to reduce unnecessary stress for the officers in
    your department. Provide a rationale for your response.

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