persuasive essay on why minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour in california

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Tips: * Contextualize the problem. Background information will be needed, so make sure to provide it (i.e. who, what, when, where). Be very specific. * The petition must have a specific recipient, so do your research prior to publishing your work. Ask yourself: who can help you with your request? * Be respectful and persuasive. Your objective is to get signatures that can lead to a change, so make sure you are not excluding or insulting audiences. Avoid aggressive, offensive language. * Do research. Throughout your petition, I would like you to use three credible sources: one source should be a credible media article (preferably from a newspaper or magazine), one source should be a scholarly article (published in a scholarly journal), and one source should be a strong visual (please refer to the slideshow I created on Visual Arguments). Though petitions generally don’t have a Works Cited page, I would like you to still provide one when you submit this assignment. * Your petition should be 4-6 pages. Petitions don’t follow MLA rules; they look more like online newspaper/magazine articles with a title, a picture (which is recommended but not required), and the article itself. For this assignment, you don’t have to follow the MLA format.

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Basically Im going to make a petition on, however you need to write an persuasive essay on why the minimum wage should be changed to $15 an hour in California. Pathos, logos and ethos has to be included in your argument along with the 3 sources listed

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