Persuasive message memo Assignment 3

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English 357 Business Writing

Assignment : Persuasive
message memo

Pretend you work in the Admissions Department of Towson University.
As you know, the school wants the maximum number of students to apply to the
university so it can meet its quotas. You are given the responsibility to write
a form memo that will be sent to
high school juniors, encouraging them to apply to Towson University.

In writing this memo, you should

–follow the AIDA format

–use direct, precise language

–get the student to Act
n the closing of your memo using incentive techniques

–remember that your audience is not just the students but
also their parents or guardians

–No more than one page in length

— Memo format: the top of your page should resemble the
following format.

*In addition to
grammar and syntax, this assignment will be graded on the following:

* Single space/ double
space between paragraphs/ no indents

*Ability to avoid
listing things, having some coherence and structure, i.e. ideas should not jump

*Ability to
effectively apply AIDA format and techniques discussed in class


To: Student

From: Cletus Smith, Towson Admissions (write your initials

Re: Your future at Towaon University

Date: September XX, 20XX

(body here)

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