Persuasive Speech: Outline

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Assignment Details


This is the outline that you need to follow. Please make sure that your format closely follows this format and style. Do not use any other outline found outside this course. Your completion of this outline clearly shows that you understand all the parts involved in creating a powerful speech.

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  • Review the grading rubric in Assessments > Rubrics > Persuasive Speech Outline
  • Upload completed assignment to the assignment dropbox.

This assignment requires that you fully compose your speech and write it out via this outline format. The development of this written document helps demonstrate that:

  • your work is original (as this outline is checked for plagiarism using the TurnItIn tool integrated in this course),
  • your sources are properly cited via either APA or MLA style throughout the speech,
  • you are capable of developing a well-written and professional speech.


  1. Attention Getter
  2. Motivation for Listening
  3. Establish Credibility
  4. Thesis Statement
  5. Preview of Speech (Main points)

Transition to the body of speech


  1. Establish the Problem
  2. Analysis (opinion) and research
  3. Analysis (opinion) and research
  4. Analysis (opinion) and research


  1. Establishing Opposing Viewpoints
  2. Buildup and Breakdown
  3. Buildup and Breakdown
  4. Buildup and Breakdown


  1. Call to Action
  2. Visualization/Solution how would your plan work?
  3. Specific plan of action: What can we do? Include your audience.

Transition to conclusion


  1. Summary of Main Points
  2. Reiterate Call to Action
  3. Throwback to Attention Getter

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