Philisopy 201 Short answers

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Read the chapter in the Polman book on Relativism (chapter 3) and then answer the following questions.

1. Explain, in your own words what cultural relativism is. How does this differ from ethical relativism? (pp. 48–49)

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2. What is the difference between the weak dependency thesis for ethical relativism,

and the strong dependency thesis? (pp. 50–51)

3. What, according to Pojman, is one of the benefits of accepting relativism (think in terms of the claims

being made in the chapter about tolerance with respect to conventional relativism). What is the problem

with claiming that ethical relativism entails tolerance? (pp. 55)

4. Explain the differences between the two types of ethical relativism: subjectivism and conventionalism.

Are you inclined to agree with one of these theories, or do you reject the idea that morality is relative?

Why or why not? (pp. 52–59)

5. One of the consequences of accepting the theory of ethical relativism is that we might be forced to

tolerate the actions of other cultures, even if they are in serious conflict with the moral standards of our culture.

This is especially problematic when you think about the actions of a person such as Hitler.

It is possible that a consequence of accepting the truth of ethical relativism would be that we have to be tolerant

of the actions of people like Hitler. Do you think this is one of the consequences of accepting ethical relativism?

And, if you are inclined to agree with relativism, are you okay with this consequence: that we have to tolerate

the action of people like Hitler? Why or why not? (pp. 56)

Please make sure the answers are simple and not hard vocabulary.

The answers must be from the book :

Louis P. Pojman, how Should We Live?: An Introduction to Ethics

(Belmont, California: Wadsworth Cengage

Learning, 2005).

Also, this is resource from the professor might help you to write and you can source it.

The assignment are due less than 24 hours from now please make sure you finish it before due time so i can review it and answer the professor to all the questions

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