Please answer the following questions briefly and seperatly

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1. According to Longxi in his article on wen, while most Western culture considers literature to be an individual’s representation of “the real world,” Chinese culture considers great literature to be an actual “manifestation…in which elements of the world come together and become known and visible.” The term for this perspective on literature is “wen.” Identify the “wen,” that which is of supreme importance, in any one of the poems in “Classics of Poetry” and compare and contrast this with the “wen” of Confucius.

2. American scholar of Chinese Literature and Culture, Pauline Yu, claims that there is a tendency to read “The Story of Yingying” as a “document of Chinese culture” as cited in Luo’s article on this topic. Select an example from the story that might support this statement, and explain whether you think she might be right.

3. Much of Chinese poetry is lyric in nature: lyric
poetry tends to use the first person perspective to express feelings
and emotions. Identify a lyric poem from your assigned reading, and
explain what the personal feelings expressed in the poem might teach
us about Chinese culture.

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