Please complete assignment below.

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The Non-Profit Anniversary Celebration—Infrastructure

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You practiced and read about infrastructure considerations when hosting an event. Now you will apply these concepts to a real-world scenario.

For this Assignment, you will prepare some of the collateral materials needed for a banquet dinner celebrating the anniversary of your charity of choice honoring a famous personage (of your choice) who you will imagine has lent their support to the cause. Do some research on the Internet to find some celebrities and their non-profit charities and suppose that there is an anniversary banquet dinner accommodating 300 people. This charity anniversary banquet must be an original event. You will fill in the template provided inserting the following:


Charity and celebrity of choice

Location, venue, and date of event

Promotional flyer verbiage for the event

Social media verbiage (Tweet)

Entertainment to be provided

Registration process

A parking plan

A seating chart for the head table

A seating style

Access the template

Access the rubric.

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