Please deeply consider the artwork available at the link below and then please answer the below inquiry areas: Please elaborate on the artistic medium. This week we comple

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Please deeply consider the artwork available at the link below and then please answer the below inquiry areas:

  • Please elaborate on the artistic medium. This week we completed a detailed introduction to SCULPTURE + INSTALLATION + SITE-SPECIFIC ART. Perform a detailed analysis to include the below inquiry areas:

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    • Is her artwork most adequately described as a sculpture, installation art, site-specific art, or industrial design? A mix of more than one? If so, which ones? Once you’ve decided, explain how you know based on what you see.
    • Is this relief or a free-standing sculpture?
    • Is the artist working in a subtractive or additive way? Which specific method/s is she using? [ Carving, modeling, casting, constructing, or assembling ]
    • Is this a light sculpture? Kinetic sculpture? None? Both?
    • Please describe the materials used by the artist. The text goes into detail on stone, wood, metal, clay, wax, and other materials. If the answer is “other,” please elaborate on what you see.
  • Please spend some time thinking about the formal components of this artwork (Chapters 1-6: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Space, Time, Motion, etc.)

    • Attached below in the discussion guidelines section, you will find a “visual analysis guide.” Each week, prior to this one, we did a formal analysis of the art through the lens of the chapter’s focus areas. For the rest of the semester, things will be less guided. You will use the attached guide as a review to all the new terms and areas covered, and I want you to choose (2) major areas to focus on and discuss here. Instead of me telling you “analyze this artwork for line”, for example, your challenge will be to understand what elements of art and principles of design are most applicable and interesting when considering the artwork identified for discussion. This will help you transition to talking about art at museums and galleries much more naturally. Enjoy the challenge! This is also great prep for the final exam.
  • What art category is this and why? Realism, Expressionism, Abstraction, or nonobjective
  • What is the subject of this artwork (the noun/the what)?
  • What is the content/concept of this artwork (the ideas and intellectual interpretations)?

    • [ Hints – The following are additional questions to get you thinking but they do not need to be individually answered: What ideas do you think this artist is trying to express about the subject? What is the intellectual interpretation? What cultural concepts are being expressed? Feminism? Racial identity? Gender identity? Sexuality? Are there historical references – which ones? Is there symbolism or iconography?

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