Policy Change

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The need for policy changes can arise for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons might include social injustice, inequality, increased health concerns, and research discoveries in a multitude of environmental, social, health, and technological areas. Changing policies is an often tough political battle because so many people can be affected by policy change.

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For this Application Assignment, review the virtual community and think about your role in it. Think about which public policy area needs to be addressed or which public policy you feel is most important to change, and then propose a policy change. Keep in mind that any policy change you create will affect many people. How do you plan to address those who may not be supportive of the policy?

To prepare for this assignment:

  • Review the article, “Responsive, Responsible and Respected Government: Towards a New Public Administration Theory.” Consider responsible ways to promote public policy changes.
  • Review the article, “The Role of Citizen Participation and Action Research Principles in Main Street Revitalization: An Analysis of a Local Planning Project.” Pay particular attention to incorporating and utilizing citizens in creating public policy changes.
  • Review the latest content in the virtual community from the perspective of your role.
  • Consider the public policies in the virtual community and which ones you might propose changing.
  • Think about a policy change you might propose.
  • Consider the people affected by the policy change and how you might address those people in your role.

The assignment (2 pages):

  • Based on the virtual community and role you selected (Political Activist) , describe one policy change you would suggest and explain why.
  • Describe two ways in which the policy change you suggested might affect two other roles in the community and explain how.
  • Describe one way in which the policy change you selected might affect one specific group in the community and explain how.
  • Explain one way in which you might address those who do not support your policy change.

*************************Virtual Community Transcript**************************

The role is “Political Activist” for Mary Davenport policies, focus on cleaning up the harbor from Zebra Mussels

Use references from the attached and any outside American references

You saw that in the papers today—little boy shot his sister when they were inside playing? Now that’s a crying shame, a God-awful tragedy. This whole town’s being torn up by guns and violence and it’s enough. We need to get these guns off the streets. I used to think, OK, a man has a right to protect his home and his property. Government can’t take that away. But this is wrong. Government’s got the right to protect the safety of the people. We don’t need guns if they’re leading to this kind of accident. I like the Coppel legislation: ban the guns; ban ’em all!”

- Jake Morrell, Tailor, 57, Democrat

“Miss Mary D. has been in this town a while—she assisted me when I came to her homeless shelter many years ago and got me this job at the post office! She’s always been a quiet player but now she’s taking the town by storm. Coppel—he’s bad news. He’s suffering by being connected to these heavy-duty polluters when he used to be the big environmental man. This gives Miss Mary D. the edge. She’s got moves and a fresh take on how to run the city. She’s above the Taylor-Coppel fray. The Peacetree endorsement is a feather in her cap. Miss Mary D. is going to take over City Hall!”

- Bertrand Gallow, Postal Worker, 53, Independent

“Robin Walker thinks he knows how to attack the zebra mussel problem, but $15 million is a drop in the bucket. If Robin thinks he’s going to get to the bottom of the mess, he’s going to go broke trying. The costs to clean up a single manufacturing plant can be hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Think of how many plants—active and dormant—lie on our waterline. We’re talking about a clean-up effort in the billions of dollars. And these mussels multiply like lightning, so once you’ve got them cleaned up they’re coming right back. Don’t get me wrong, I wish Robin the best of luck. I would take his money to clean up my water intake. But I’m just not sure his money is being well spent.”

- Cynthia DeBiers, Plant Owner, DeBiers Brewery, 48, Democrat


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