Portfolio Project – Health Law and Ethics

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There are TWO parts to this portfolio project.

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#1 :

Submit a formal outline of the key parts of
your Portfolio Project with 8-10 references you plan to use in the project.
Your outline should include the sections listed in the Portfolio Project
description (introduction, description, assessment [ethical and legal], action
plan, recommendations, and conclusion), a brief description of what will be
included, and sources from your reference list linked to the appropriate sections.

your reference list according to APA Formatting and Requirements. A cover page is

#2 :

Portfolio Project provides an opportunity to evaluate a real-world ethical
dilemma from the perspective of the healthcare/hospital administrator. You will
use your skills and knowledge of ethics and health law as well as role playing
to create a postmortem evaluation plan for prevention of future
situations to present to your Senior Leadership team and the Board of Governors.
A postmortem analysis is performed after the fact to evaluate the
situation and identify a plan for prevention of future incidents.

one of the cases on end-of-life on pages 294-298 in Contemporary Issues in
Healthcare Law and Ethics.

Write a 12-15 page report evaluating this case
and providing recommendations of this case. Your report should address the
following substantive requirements:

·Description of what occurred, who was affected, and rationale

·Assessment of the case from the following perspectives:

·Ethical – describe the ethical principles involved and
expectations for all involved.

·Legal – define and argue the legal implications for each party.
Explain health laws involved and the influence of the legal environment at the
time of this case.

·Regulatory compliance – examine regulatory standards and
compliance involved.

·Health reform – illustrate how this case and your role as
administrator are different now due to changes in health law and expectations
from health reform.

·Recommendations – argue at least three recommendations for the
current and future prevention of this type of situation in your facility.

·Action plan for prevention – create an action plan for
prevention explaining how you would implement these recommendations.

Your report should meet the following
structural requirements:

·Be 12-15 pages in length, not including the cover or reference

·Be formatted according to APA Formatting and Requirements

·Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from
a minimum of ten (10) scholarly articles. Five (5) of these sources may be from
the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but at least five (5) must be

·Use correct terminology pertaining to the law and ethics

·Utilize the following headings to organize the content in your

·Introduction and Description



·Action Plan for Prevention



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