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COVER PAGE/TITLE PAGE Prepare a cover page including your name and the course title. Be creative, but professional.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Design a table of contents that clearly shows the layout and contents of your portfolio.

Create a brief one page memo where you discuss your learning in this class. What skills and knowledge from the course will you use in the future? In what ways have your grown as a writer this semester? Look at all of your grading rubrics from the semester. Analyze any patterns or changes you see in your assessments over time. What rubric dimensions did you consistently score high in and what dimensions showed areas for improvement? How will you continue to strengthen and build your writing and communication skills moving forward? (This is a new item you will need to create).

you can write these for the things that we learned: how to write a memo, resume, cover letter, bad news massage and how to communicate with co-worker .


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