Position Paper: Trends in Education

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Position Paper:

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Based on the topic that you choose to present on for discussion leaders, develop a 20 page maximum position paper. In this paper you should,

1. Describe a trend in education. (should be the one you choose for discussion leaders)

2. Take a position on the trend and explain why you have this view.

3. Defend your position using the literature and anticipate the trends impact on education.

4. What needs to change in education for this trend to be fully accepted as the norm?

This paper is intended to cause you to be critical and reflective of educational trends. We should always ask why and not accept one person’ s  answers when accepting or rejecting a trend. In education we are too quickly sometimes to simply accept things as “the way things are” or “we have always done them this way so why change.” We also have a tendency to be blinded by flashy new things so be careful. 


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