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Deliverable Length: 8 slide Powerpoint Presentation with a recorded 3 minute speech

The time has come for you to deliver an oral presentation for your classmates
and instructor based on the communications subject you chose during Week 1. Use
your outline from Phase 1 to develop a PowerPoint presentation to use in
conjunction with your speech.

Compile all of the information from Weeks 1–3. Review the entire
presentation, and rewrite, remove, or add any information and/or slides to help
organize the flow of the content of the presentation.

The final slide presentation should include:

  1. Title slide-Include your name, and title of the presentation- notes not
    needed for this slide
  2. Introduction slide- Introduce your presentation (50-75 words for notes)
    • Include your opener
    • Include your thesis

  3. A slide for your first main point-Include supporting points (50-75 words for
  4. A slide for your second main point- Include supporting points (50-75 words
    for notes)
  5. A slide for your third main point- Include supporting points (50-75 words
    for notes)
  6. (Optional) A slide for your fourth main point- Include supporting points
    (50-75 words for notes)
  7. (Optional) A slide for your fifth main point- Include supporting points
    (50-75 words for notes)
  8. Conclusion slide- Restates the thesis, summarize key points of the
    presentation, and be sure to leave your audience with a final thought (50-75
    words for notes)
  9. Reference slide-Include sources used for your presentation in APA
    format-notes not needed for this slide

Click here for directions to record the 3 minute
speech of you discussing the information in your PPT presentation (These
directions are for using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Remember the topic that you chose on week 1 was

Effective Listening Skills



Deliverable Length: 2,000 words of new content




For this assignment, you will determine how you will monitor the risks that
you have projected, as well as the unknown risks that occur during the course of
the project. You will also formulate a control plan once a risk has been
identified during the monitoring process.


As part of the monitoring and control process, you will need to identify who
plays what role in this process, also known as the risks responsibility
. One method is to construct a RASI matrix that is similar to the
following example:

Doc3.docx, please open to see the graph

Please note that the risk categories and names are very general in this
example, and you will have more specific risk categories that are based on Weeks
1 and 2’s work.




The overall project deliverables are the following:


  1. Update the Key Assignment Document title page with a new date and project
  2. Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.
  3. Complete New Content below and copy it under the sections in the Key
    Assignment Document that are called “Project Risks Responsibility Plan” and
    “Project Risks Monitoring and Control Plan.”
    • New Content
      • Project Risks Responsibility Plan
        • Include a responsibility matrix listing the stakeholders and project team
          members, with risk actions (or category of actions) along the top.
        • Next, fill in the table using the following letters, and refer to the
          examples in the Assignments section as “R” if they are responsible for
          monitoring and controlling the risk, “A” if they are the approver for taking
          action to respond to the risk, “S” if they have a support role in responding to
          the risk, and “I” if they only need to be informed. This is also known as a
          RASI chart.

      • Project Risks Monitoring and Control Plan
        • Include a detailed description of the overall monitoring process, including
          the techniques that will be used to monitor the existence and impact of
          individual risks.
        • Include a detailed description of the control process when a risk occurs.
        • Include a diagram flowchart to depict the steps in the control process from
          risk discovery through risk response.

  4. Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.
  5. Name the document “yourname_MPM344_IP4.doc.”



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