Probation ethical issues

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Choose a criminal justice organization or specific agency for which you aspire to work (probation/parole, police agency, corrections, courts, etc.)

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1. Use the CSU-Global Library and other credible sources to conduct research on your chosen sector. Based on your research, provide an analysis of at least one current ethical challenge or dilemma in that sector, the reasons for the current challenge(s), and recommendations for addressing it/them.

2. With your chosen criminal justice agency, identify a policy issue (e.g., capital punishment, prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenders). Next, use the CSU-Global Library and other credible sources to conduct research on your chosen topic. Based on your research, analyze that policy according to the various ethical frameworks we have examined in this course. Describe the ethical dilemmas presented by the topic and the merits of that policy as it pertains to all stakeholders impacted (i.e., the agency, public safety, the offender, etc.). What are the social, economic, or political influences on this topic?

You will then make recommendations to remedy or minimize the ethical challenges in a research paper that presents the findings of your research, your analysis of the organization or agency’s challenge(s), and recommendations for navigating the issue(s).

The research paper should include the following elements:

  • Be 6-8 pages in length (not counting the title, abstract, and reference pages, which you must include).
  • Cite and discuss a minimum of four outside sources. Your resources should be credible. (You may use scholarly journals; your textbook and other course readings; primary source material; and magazines, newspapers, and videos from reputable sources).
  • In addition to a title page, abstract, and a references page, the project format should include the following sections:
    • Introduction—Explanation of the background and context of the ethical issue you have chosen to analyze.
    • Research/Analysis—Presentation of research supporting your thesis and analysis.
    • Recommendations—What could have been done/should have been done to ensure ethical actions and outcomes.
    • Conclusion—Brief summary restatement of the above sections.

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