Psychology 1 Perspective Paper 1000+ Words

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Psyhology 1 Perspective Paper 1000+ Words

College Level

Due date and time is very important

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This is not an English writing assignment, need someone knowledgeable in the field of Psychology.

Please read attatched document for guideline

Psychology 1 Perspective Paper 1000+ Words
TOPIC: The Psychological Perspective that YOU agree with, and WHY LENGTH: 1000 words or more TYPED (12 point font, double spaced, 1” margins all around) Due: May 23rd, 2017 Guidelines: You are required to write an opinion paper of at least 1000 words in length on the psychological perspective that you agree with the most, and why you agree with it. We have discussed many perspectives in this class (pathways up the “mountain of truth” about human nature). All of these theories come with their own set of assumptions about human nature. Your paper should address these assumptions and which ones you agree with as your personal theory about humankind. If your perspective is an interactionist approach (a combination of several perspectives) then be sure you address any contradictions or disagreements between the perspectives. Further, we have discussed many different ways to define ourselves as humans (our brains, our memory, our behaviors, etc.), and your paper can include which definition you believe is the most important and why. Choose a following perspective: • Psychoanalytic perspective • Behavioral perspective • Humanistic perspective • Cognitive perspective • Neuroscience/Biopsychology perspective • Evolutionary perspective • Behavior genetics perspective • Socio-cultural perspective • Bio-psycho-social perspective (interactionist)

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