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answer questions

1.Describe three ways in which culture can influence the way an individual thinks, feels and behaves     towards others.

2.     Describe three elements of self-concept that affect an individual’s behavior towards others.

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3.     I have said several times that “Culture” +” Self” influence “Attitudes” which, in turn, influences “Behavior”. Explain.

4.     We discussed in class that the potential for aggression is pervasive in all social situations; ie workplace, schools, families, marriage, local community, international, religion, culture, etc. Describe any two social situations and discuss the possible motivations that could be possible that can result in aggressive behavior.

Read the article by Alex Lickerman, The Effect of Technology on Relationships, and answer the following questions:

a)     The author suggests that social media provides no real substitute for real expression of emotions. Discuss how social media can influence the expression of emotions in an online relationship versus a face-to-face relationship.

b)     The author further suggests that “confrontation” is easier in the virtual world. Why do you think this is the case?

c)     Discuss the pros and cons of online friendships.

d)     What does the author mean by “emotional invisibility”?

e)     What do you think are the long-term implications of online friendships possible replacing real-life relationships? Do you think this will ever happen? Why or why not?

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