Purpose: Practice analyzing a play through the lens of Culture, Gender, or Sexuality by examining critical questions. Tasks: Part 1. After reading and viewing the Looking through a Cultural Lens an

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Purpose:  Practice analyzing a play through the lens of Culture, Gender, or Sexuality by examining critical questions.


Part 1. After reading and viewing the Looking through a Cultural Lens and Looking Through a Gender- or Sexuality-Based Lens pages, answer up to three questions related to your chosen theory/theories (see below) to discuss your dramatic selection: Simply María, POOF! or “Thanksgiving” (which are all found in Unit 4). Be sure to provide evidence (passages from the play, script, or film) to support your answers.

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  • How does race/culture/gender/sexuality shape the ways the characters interact with each other, both onstage and in offstage actions we learn about?
  • What types of symbols or objects in the drama reflect the characters’ racial/cultural/gender/sexual identities?
  • How does race/culture/gender/sexuality function as a persistent force in your dramatic piece?
  • What stereotypes or assumptions relating to race/culture/gender/sexuality are present in the drama, and how do the characters react to them?
  • How does the drama reflect the experiences of people who face racism/bigotry/sexism/homophobia?

Use specific details from the text to support your answers.

Part 2. Use one or more of the Research Resources for Your Drama Analysis Essay in this Unit to add depth or insight into the critical lens(es) that you are using. Choose a pertinent quote or paraphrase that you find applicable to your chosen text and theory, and, in your own words, explain how it connects.  Approach this as preparation for your essay in this Unit.


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