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Over the past 8 weeks, you have learned about the importance of
quality within the workplace along with the tools and techniques that
can be used to ensure that a quality product or service is being passed
onto the customer. In week 8, you learned about the role of human
factors in quality. Choose a company of your choice to determine how
tools and techniques learned this term could benefit the company. You
can include any of the methods you have found to be useful over the past
8 weeks. You will also determine the human factors that could be
helpful or harmful to the company and expand upon what could be done to
improve the product or service quality overall. Use your course
materials and outside research to generate a solid analysis on why these
methods would be helpful. Your analysis should be supported by

thre methods taught are Strategic quality management,
quality management systems, system reliability, lot traceability,
experimental design, control charts and human factors.  

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

  • Write 3 pages single spaced using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
  • Use font size 12 and 1” margins.
  • Include cover page and reference page.
  • At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
  • No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.
  • Use
    at least four references from outside the course material, one
    reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other
    materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the four
    reference requirement.
  • Cite all reference material (data,
    dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and
    list on a reference page in APA style.


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