Questions about Shakespeare

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1. Shakespeare is frequently called the greatest writer in the English language. Based on what you know about him through our posts and this chapter, make a case for whether or not he does deserve this honor. Use specific examples, personal insight and experience, and outside quotes to support this case.

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2. Both Oedipus and Medea are considered superb examples of tragedy; even though they have in common the survival of the main character, they are vastly different. Explore these differences, explain why each is a tragedy, and choose one to defend as more effective, even if you just choose the one that resonates more profoundly with you as a reader.

3. What is hubris and, according to Aristotle, how does it contribute to audience identification?

4. Focusing on the final pages of this chapter (207-208), consider this questions about Death of a Salesman: The play has often been described as a commentary on The American Dream. What do you think Miller is trying to say, and do you agree? Why or why not?

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