Read the two case studies attached, Beyond the Lemonade Stand: Sustaining a New Social Venture, and Urban Springs: Building a Sustainable Enterprise, and answer the following questions in an essay. E

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Read the two case studies attached, Beyond the Lemonade Stand: Sustaining a New Social Venture, and Urban Springs: Building a Sustainable Enterprise, and answer the following questions in an essay.

Essay Length – 5 pages minimum (space per line 1.5)

No Plagiarism!! List all sources in a work cited page (MLA format)

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1.     Provide a brief summary of each case study.

2.     Compare and contrast how they utilized the concept of transformation. Concept of transformation:

  • ·      Has the potential to affect how the same social issue is addressed in other communities
  • ·      Addresses more than one social issue concurrently
  • ·      Produces significant cost savings through gains in efficiency

3.     Describe how Maslow’s theory of hierarchal need can be utilized to address the identified social issue. Do not define the theory.

4.     Explain how they developed their idea, and if they used, they use analog, antilog or leaps of faith:

  • ·      Analog: when a company leverages existing business models and technologies to create a new market. It is a way of replicating successful business models in new areas or industries
  • ·      Antilog: the opposite of the analog business model. Instead of leveraging existing business models, an antilog business model creates a completely new and innovative approach to solving a problem or serving a market.
  • ·      Leap of Faith

5.     How did they utilize the five conditions for innovation:

  • ·       Ability to experiment – Any organization that wishes to adapt to its changing environment needs a system for experimenting
  • ·       Ability to sunset outdated infrastructure – phasing out the old product or service
  • ·       Existence of feedback loops – Once the experimental infrastructure is in place, strong feedback loops between the citizens and public servants are required
  • ·       Existence of incentives for product or service improvement – Armed with the feedback of what customers want, suppliers can improve their offerings.
  • ·       Existence of budget constraints for end users – In any transaction, customer behavior is affected by their budget.

6.     How did they incorporate either the Journey or Systems metaphor in their approach?

  • ·       Journey Metaphor: The Journey metaphor in social entrepreneurship is the idea that starting a social enterprise is like a journey with various stages and challenges.
  • ·       Systems Metaphor: The Systems metaphor in social entrepreneurship is the understanding that a social enterprise is not just a single business, but a system of interrelated parts that must work together to achieve its goals.

7.     Pick one of the two case studies and explain how the social impact model can be used to explain their approach.

Social Impact Model:

a.     Define the social problem

b.     What is the mission

c.     Social Impact Strategies – Major strategies identified in the approach to further the mission and make progress towards your vision

d.     Operating model – A description of the way in which your activities work together to carry out your mission.

e.     Social and economic impact indicators – Units of measurement that assess your long-term progress toward vision and success

f.      Vision of success – A description of how the world will be different if you’re successful

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