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Navigational Capital and YOU

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Mesa Community College Mission Statement:

MCC excels in teaching, learning and empowering individuals to success in our local and global community. We serve as a resource for college and career readiness, transfer education, workforce development, and life-long learning.

Initial Post: Respond to at least three questions below.

  1. How do your college and career goals align to the mission of MCC? Provide more than one example.
  2. How might your intentional selection of courses to enroll into develop your personal and academic goals? Provide an example for each.
  3. Ask yourself: Who am I? Which aspects of your college experience bring clarity to this question?
  4. Ask yourself: How do I know? Which courses outside of your field of interest will provide you with knowledge you seek to make meaning of the world? How do you negotiate your cultural and/or familial background with the concepts you study in school?
  5. Ask yourself: How do I relate to others? Which past an current experiences shape your response to this question? How might you continue to grow with interpersonal and intercultural communication?

Reply Post: Respond to at least one classmate.

  • Offer constructive feedback to your classmate’s discussion post. Build upon their ideas if possible.
    • 1-Each one of us have his own goals , for me both my career goals and college goals are the same to me. If I want to achieve my career goals I have to work on my college goals. My major is mechanical engineer and I’m planning to finish studying in US and go home to start working in a company that need people with my major. My biggest goal is graduating and finish college. 2-My selection of courses have always been about my interest and the way it will help me in or the point that it upgrade. Communication class has been the most fun class I have ever took because it give me a chance to share anything I want to share with my classmates. When I was a student in ASU Language program (Global launch) I took an engineer class it was really interesting and it help me know my major well. 3-This question make me think a lot about my self and help me see things that I don’t see in my self. And I sometimes ask my friends this question but each one of them have a different answer and that what me people special .

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