Reading/Response Questions “Anonymous Albert”

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Reading / Response Questions

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Directions: Make sure to include a minimum of 300 words total for all responses including evidence or examples for each answer and MLA citation to support your responses. Also, use an MLA formatted heading. To clarify, this means 300 words for the whole assignment and NOT 300 words for each question.

After reading Anonymous Albert’s e-mail[scroll down; you will find the e-mail after these instructions], answer all of the following Reading / Response Questions and supply evidence for each response:

Reading/Response Questions [Answer these two questions]:

  1. Based on “Anonymous Albert’s E-mail” reading, name two problems with his e-mail. Bring in specific evidence from the reading.
  2. How could these errors be fixed? Cite the source used for evidence. This means the source is Albert’s e-mail or something from the textbook, modules, or syllabus. Do not use outside sources.

MLA Note: Citations from the Anonymous Albert e-mail should reflect paragraph numbers like this (par. 3). This is because the reading is an online source. You will need to count the paragraphs. For Question 2, you can use a signal phrase like According to the English 1B Syllabus or The module called “_______” states.. (par. #). If you use the textbook, then the in-text citation is a page number like this (7).

  • Do not forget your MLA formatted heading on your assignment and number your responses.
  • Save using your full name (in MS Word, preferred): fullname_anonymousalbert questions.
  • Submit by Sunday at midnight.
  • Remember the syllabus policy for submitting assignments:

>No late work accepted.

>You can submit your assignment in these supported file type: Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or PDF.

>MAC users beware: Pages files are not accepted. Do this: When you save and in your File menu in Pages, you will be able to “Export to,” so choose Word if you have the option; if not, choose PDF.

Here is a video with step-by-step instructions on how to submit an assignment in Canvas as well:

The following is an actual student’s e-mail. Anonymous Albert is a native speaker of English and only speaks English. Keep this in mind when responding:

Hello! Miss Teacher

im having very tough difficulties with my computer since the beggining of Eng.1B semester. My computer usuallay always shuts down on me or frezees at this time im going to the library 2 or 3 times a week a work full time in the morinigs but i can still manage my courses. I was going threw my gradebook and i happend to see i have a total 89/394 a percentage of 22.59%. i also am missing a very amount of assingments i very aware the assignmets i have yet to not complete are:

Novel Choice,

Week Two reading res ?s,

Week Two Discussion,

Week Three Discussions,

Week Three assignment,

Week Four discussion

Essay 1 working plan / outline

Essay 1

I am very aware that all these assingments are most likely way past due please if theres anything i can do to take all this assingment by a specific due date of your choice please let me know and they will all be handed to u immediately. What if I do all the work for this week? And what if I try really hard on my essay? Is there any extra credit work that I can do? i hope u understand.


Anonymous Albert

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