report and presentation (follow the requirement)

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Your Saudi MNC has recently opened a subsidiary in Brazil.

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You have been charged with devising a pre-departure training and development programme for six expatriate managers and their families, who are due to be sent to Brazil on three-year assignments in six months’ time. Your CEO wants the program to be developed specifically for the needs of the company, and does not want to adopt an existing program. He is also keen to keep the costs low.

Your answer should take the form ofa report to the CEO, (size 12, Times New Roman. 1.5 spaced, minimum of 8 pages) in which you make recommendationsand explain the thinking behind them.

You will also present your study to the class on Sunday 9th December. Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes and contain a maximum of 8 PowerPoint slides.

Each group is to submit one soft copy of their written report and one soft copy of their presentation through Blackboard by midnight Saturday December 8th 2018 .

The report and presentation should address issues such as:

  • what key areas should be covered ?
  • who should deliver the training?
  • how will it be delivered ? (online, face-to-face, audio, video, a mixture?)
  • how should it be scheduled ? (intensive blocks, short sessions,?)
  • where should it be conducted ? (onsite, offsite?)
  • how to make it company-specific ?
  • how to evaluate the programme ?

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