REQUIRED TEXT Lifeskill Activities for Special Children 2ndEdition

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Week 1 To Do Item

Ch1 Answers pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Ch2_What_Motivates.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Wk1_Answers_To_Do_Items__Ch1_Ch2_Answers.pdf[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

Wk1_Answers_To_Do_Items__Ch1_Ch2_Answers.docx[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

WEEK 1 TO DO EXAMPLE MHDD 130.docx[img src=”” alt=”Preview the document”>

You will see in our class that we have the Life Skills Book and the Answers book (that is provided in our class site).  Weekly some items from either book or sometimes both will be assigned.  There may be a short quiz but generally there will be “to do” items – so we learn how to apply these items to life itself. 

All to do items are open from Saturday for about 9 days until Monday 8 a.m. (e.g. week 2 opens 8/30 through 9/9 8 a.m.).  There are no late submissions so please be timely.

This week we start with the Answers book as a foundation for working with children.  It discusses how to work with children from a combined behavioral and humanistic approach.  read the chapter and complete the items then submit your word file here for grading.  The items are fill in with your own examples.. if you have children you can use them as part of the example or you can use others…

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