Research and report on effective frameworks and strategies required.

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The purpose of the report is to research and report on effective frameworks and strategies required to build and successfully manage a customer centric tourism or hospitality business.

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1. Start by discussing the importance of CRM within the tourism and hospitality industry. Choose one tourism or hospitality business, research their

vision, mission and (if available) value statements and critically evaluate these statements in the context of the Ashridge model (Learner Guide page 25).

2.Conduct further research and critically analyse and determine whether the business has followed a strategic approach with regards to their CRM management, for example, applied Gartner’s 8 CRM building blocks (Lecture Slides Topic 2).

3. Conclude your report by discussing the importance of a strategic management approach to CRM and by determining the maturity stage

of the business (refer to table

3.1 by Peelen & Beltman – Learner Guide page 18). Please provide specific industry examples to support your research, analysis and critical


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