Research handling misbehavior

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Research handling misbehavior

this is a 2nd research item for this week (there will usually be 2 weekly to cover all items handled in 15 week class).

post your research item here for handling misbehaviors as per the work this week.


This is one item per topic (e.g.Life skills, Answers) you find on the internet by doing a search.

• Each one will fit the topic of the week (e.g. if we are reading about infant development the article,video, media item, graphic, questionnaire, etc. will fit that.

• After finding it you copy the web address and paste it into the research discussion message window. Then write a short paragraph (3-4 sentences)telling about the item and what you think about it –how you think it fits into the topic area (a video segment from a TV show on where are children stars today would relate to child development and how our experiences affect this time frame.

• If more than one is required then post them separately just like the discussions

• This should take less than 20 minutes weekly.(Hint,you can use  a popular search engine or on the CSN library– the library has access to hundreds of databases, magazines, etc.).

• Be sure to SAVE YOUR ITEMS on your computer so you can use them in your paper.

Below is the example:

This article covers 10 relevant causes of misbehavior. Our reading material is very substantial and pleasant to read. However, for enrichment and reinforcement purpose, this web site does the job.

To me, a few points really get my attention. For example;

“When kids want attention, misbehavior is often a great means of getting it.” This might make sense, however, it does not mean that parents have to take it as a justification or as natural part of life in childhood. Instead, this could be used as a good opportunity to teach how to manage those feelings or personal attention requests.

Another good point, is that our readings state that the NAP disagrees with four of the typical myths about behavior such as: “Children who misbehave are going thru stages, and they will grow out of it.” Personally, I agree with NAP’s point of view. I truly believe beyond that. Behind every behavior there is a reason. Either, children are testing limits and want to find out how far they can go, and how serious the parent is about these limits. Or the simplest reason is, misbehavior is effective. If braking the rules gets them what they want, they quickly learn that misbehavior works. Parents that justify or are permissive giving any “good” reason for these behaviors, in a long term, they have to pay a high price. The Peter Pan syndrome, is a good example of individuals that were raised under parents that they believed that misbehavior was a natural part of being a child with a temper, not having nothing to do about it.

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