Respond to 2 classmates posts for Intro to Sociology Course

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Hello, My name is David Craig and my concentration is in Anthropology. I expect this course will relate to Anthropology regarding data collection for large groups, as well as analysis of behavioral and trait data, to obtain accurate findings in the study of humans.

The course relates to my current position in that aircraft sensors are constantly capturing data for analysis to help identify failing components, while at the same time using data analysis for extending life limits on flight critical aircraft components. Capturing accurate data, and understanding how to analyze the data, are crucial elements when dealing with critical aircraft components.


Data collection and analysis are two very important components of every area within the social science field of study. Once I have completed my degree, my plan is to advance into a career in the social work field. I feel this course is extremely relevant to this particular career/job because of the manner in which the course focuses on both data collection and analysis. There is no doubt that I will have to use both of these methods and techniques on a daily basis in order to perform my job tasks which is why this course is so important. As a social worker, I will be tasked with helping families and individuals solve societal problems as well as providing them with a variety of social services. This will have to be done by collecting various types of data on clients/patients and by using research analysis that pertains to each individual case.

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