Respond to peers. Discussion 1 and Discussion 2

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posted by LaTonya Williams

I do believe that some policies are created because of knee jerk reaction. When you think about it if you are any type of activist, the moment something happens that can be related to your cause and you can make a argument and demand something to be change that is your time to grab the spot light and speak up and rally for that change. Look at the response to gun control issues every unfortunate time some one uses a gun to commit any type of crime spree! It seems like instead of continuing trying to figure our something that will work for everyone in regards to gun control, we see that issues being brought up over and over again. It will be at the top of everyones agenda right after the act is committed, then as time pass it is no longer a priority until unfortunately something tragic involving guns happens again.

posted by tricia niemczyk

Great topic! I believe we all can say we have seen a knee jerk reaction because of a negative or poor choice. In my years of experience I can say I have seen this in both positive and negative responses. The county where I worked for would implement best practices without calling them policy, but if you did not use best practice it would show up on your evaluation. Any way these best practices always stemmed from either a positive or a negative situation. For example from a negative reaction, we had a worker get trapped in her office by a mentally ill person. He had used her key board to beat her pretty badly. The offices at the time were set up so that she could not get out easily. As a result from this incident all the offices were changed so that the worker could escape easily. An example of a positive, we had a worker go a years without getting any errors and was recognized for zero state “dings.” When the director asked her what she does to ensure all policies are implemented, she said she uses a checklist she made. Well, as a result of her exceptional work he implemented a county best practice. Everyone is required to use this checklist and it must be scanned into the file. In my opinion knee jerk reactions are quite common.

posted by PEDRO HIDALGO ,

I personally feel that many policies these days are knee jerk reactions. Most politicians are trying to ride the wave of public interest to pass policies quickly because they know the American attention span is short and the way the media pushes information constantly that unless the issue is a headline little will be done about it. This is more an example in regards to social issues other issues and other parties have a different means of creating policy. A good example of this is how the democrats will always push gun control legislation after a shooting. I understand that at that moment all the attention is on gun control but getting things passed like that will always turn out poorly. Another example from the republicans is the bathroom issues with transgenders that came up recently. NC has already passed laws controlling what bathrooms are used. North Carolina politicians took advantage of this issue pushed on fears and passed a law very quickly to react to the current situation.

Responses Discussion 2

Posted by vicki hill

I have studied public policy a few times and it all starts with why the public policy is needed. The problem has to be identified. Next there is formulating the policy. Once you have accepted the plan, you have to implement the policy change to work for the public. Last, look at the results of the policy. I think there is a 50/50 chance that the average citizen is aware of how policy is formulated and implemented. Not everyone is concerned with how the government acts. Yes i think culture influences public policy because not everyone responds to things the same way. The policy has to be neutral to all cultures and not just specific to keep from offending anyone. Different cultures have different problems and the government must do their best to meet the concerns of everyone.

Posted by tammy bushman

What steps should be taken to establish a given public policy?

In order to establish public policy there are four fundamental components that must be established. These components consists of identifying the problem, formulating the policy, executing and enforcing policy modifications, and evaluating outcomes. This process must be pursued sequentially for the method to be accomplished accurately. In most circumstances, these phases are converted into a series in which every stage is reduplicated as modifications transpire and when a policy is assessed. An example of this would be when various and unique issues occur that need to be attended to. Essentially, the public policy process are measures that a government forgoes in order to function in favor of the public. Even though the terminology used to explain the policy process differs, every phase of the process is directed toward the same general purpose. Also, dependent upon the policy proposal itself, the actual process may vary occasionally. In spite of these variations, analyzing the fundamental steps that most governments, or governmental bodies, act in accordance with in most circumstances can provide a clear observation of how the process generally works (simon, 2010, “chapter 5: agenda setting”).

Simon, c. A. (2010). Public policy. Preferences and outcomes (2nd ed.). Retrieved from newclassroom3. /contextid / osiris:50320445/ context/co/view/activity details/ activity/a16c0cda-dd9e-472a-a314-cecce94e0351/expanded/false.

Posted by yani nieblas , aug 09, 2016, 5:21 pm

Agenda setting is a great step to take in establishing a given public policy. Agenda setting works by starting an outline with the problem stream which is the potential problems with a policy, policy stream which is the solutions to the problems, and politics stream which as the name suggests is the part where the agenda-setters philosophies and political status comes into play. I think the average citizen probably doesn’t know the exact terminology but that policy has to go through steps to get put together into a final product. Culture most definitely influences public policy. For example there is a culture now that is anti-gun where 50 years ago that was virtually unheard of, as such, there is more talk from politicians stating that they want to change gun laws in one way or another.

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