responds paper (Heart of Darkness , Wide Sargasso Sea, Burnt Shadows.)

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Write a 4 page paper that responds to one of the topics below. Each topic is general and so you must narrow the focus to develop your own specific thesis that relates to the topic you select. To develop your argument, you may consider how a text employs literary devices (such as those listed on our Literary Terms handout) and to what purpose. Develop your argument using close reading, contextual information (from the Context Squares), and analysis (identifying a feature of the text and explaining what it means and why it matters). You must provide quotations and analyze these quotations as evidence for your argument.

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Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness.

Rhys, Jean.Wide Sargasso Sea

Shamsie, Kamila.Burnt Shadows.

Possible Topics:

1- A topic in many of our texts is the negative consequences of the global migration of people, goods, traditions, and/or ideas. Discuss how this topic is presented in two stories. What are the consequences of global migration in each story? Do the authors suggest that there might be positive aspects of transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, and/or globalization?

2- Discuss the role of storytelling in two of our course texts. Analyze the narrative perspectives, the language, the tone, the use of figurative language (such as metaphor, simile, and repetition, and/or the use of devices such as allusion). How does the narration and/or the narrative perspective help you understand the texts? Is storytelling discussed in the texts? If so, how and why?

5- Consider how characters from two different texts engage with public history and/or issues from within their homes. How does history affect characters’ personal lives?

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