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t 8: Topic 1: Genomics and Genetics


Genetics is the DNA of an organism or a genome. And a genome is an organism (Journal of Genomics & Gene Study, 2018). Nurses have had the opportunity to play a huge role in genetics and genomics. Advance practice nurses will take a holistic approach in genetics and genomics. Unfortunately, there will be many times when nurses are very busy and may not be able to get to all her patients in an acceptable time frame. Human genome has made remarkable process throughout the years (Dale, 2008). Genome has opened up many opportunities and has helped the medical professionals to have a better education on many of the illnesses we live with today such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease just mention a few common illnesses. Nurses work one on one with patient who may be in the process of having genetic and genomic therapy (Dale, 2008). Patient will need education when making decisions concerning genetic and genomic therapy (Dale, 2008). Advance practice nurses can provide the support and guidance to patients and they will answering questions, providing literature on the topics and being there for patients for emotional support when difficult decisions arise. Many nursing organizations support genetic and genome. The American Nurses Association (ANA) was the first to support genetics and genome by publishing an article on genetics (Montgomery, 2017). This is a great opportunity because it gives nurses great, reliable resources!!

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