Review the information in your textbook about the following assessments – problem-oriented, community subsystem, and community assets. Write a 3-4 page paper that identifies the strengths and weakness

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Review the information in your textbook about the following assessments – problem-oriented, community subsystem, and community assets. Write a 3-4 page paper that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each of these. Also identify the methods that would be used for each. You may want to develop a table to best represent this information. Also, give an example of how and why you would use each of these assessments in a community.

Use two evidence-based references. In this assignment, you must use accurate spelling and grammar and APA Editorial Format.

Module 05

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Scoring Rubric: Community Assessment



Strengths and weaknesses of each assessment (include at least three community strengths and three community weaknesses)


Methods for each community weakness identified


Example of how and why you would use each method


Accurate grammar and spelling and use of APA




Review the information in your textbook about the following assessments – problem-oriented, community subsystem, and community assets. Write a 3-4 page paper that identifies the strengths and weakness
Running Head: Assessment Methods Brainfuse Provider Response Form Welcome to the Writing Lab! Analysis and recommendations regarding specific parts of your paper are included in the tutor response form. A copy of your paper is also posted below this form, and it includes additional comments in brackets. If you do not see the tutor’s comments or a tutor’s review appears to be missing, please contact [email protected]. For specific questions about your paper, please resubmit through the Brainfuse Writing Lab. Thank you for choosing the Writing Lab. Best wishes with your revisions! Part 1 – Organization Make sure your abstract provides a brief overview of the main areas of the community assessment you will discuss. You do need some quotes in your paper to support your descriptions as they relate to your discussion. Part 2 – Development Add specific details about how the different methods you describe connect to each section of the community assessment. This will allow you to avoid summarizing when you can analyze their relevance to your topic. Part 3 – Formatting and Style Indent paragraphs. Review where commas belong. Make sure your sentences are not missing any words that complicate your meaning. Avoid extra spaces between paragraphs. Useful Links: Organization & Development: For additional assistance with organization and development, please use the Brainfuse Essential Guides. You can view the guides by clicking on the links below: Organization Guide: Development Guide: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics For additional assistance identifying and editing errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics, please use the Brainfuse Essential Grammar Guides. You can view the guide by clicking on this link below and logging in to Brainfuse: Grammar Guide: If you would like a review focused on your grammar, usage, and mechanics, please request a grammar only review in the comment box. Formatting Please use the Brainfuse Style Guides for information on citation formatting. APA: MLA: Chicago Style: Please make all changes to your own original file to maintain your intended formatting, headers, and footers. Community Assessment (Put your headings in bold and centered on the page.) This writer is going to be addressing the various approached of assessment procedures within the healthcare sector. I will be looking at the issues concerning community assets, assessment, community subsystem, And problem-oriented assesemt.t. This paper will bring out the various strengths and weakness in every approach and the multiple methods that are in the application the basis of each plan. (If this is your abstract, as APA dictates, you should it include in on a separate page. The abstract functions as a brief overview of the main points for your paper.) Community Subsystem Community subsystem assessment is the advent of focusing on a single dimension of community life, and it has various strengths and weakness. The strengths that are accrued via the use of the approach include the ability to gauge the wellbeing of a community as a whole and which has more than one characteristic. Another aspect is the ability to measure the environmental attributes of an aggregate people and also the ability to assess people based on their individual interest and geographical location. The main strengths that this approach has is the fact that there is the ability to get to identify the overall health status of the community as a whole. Secondly, there the ability to provide the mandated bassline of an evaluation plan and the viable intervening measures. There is also the ability to depict the community’s resources and also get to know the positive and negative halt factors affecting the community. (You discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this community assessment. You can reorganize your paper so it includes one paragraph to focus on strengths and another on weaknesses. This will allow you to compare and contrast different aspects of community life.) Further, it is an approach in which the community’s opinion can be solicited and a platform for getting communities to vibe conversant of the importance of their health. The main weakness of the community-based approach is that there is no room for the identification of particular problems facing the society in solitude, but it entails the overall generalization of the community’s health status. Also, the approach is not backed with any formal data collection (You need more details to explain the weaknesses. Most paragraphs should be about five or six sentences, including a quote to support your claims.) This assessment plan can be applied in the community through the selection of pertinent health data and analysis and interpreting it. Therefore, a nurse can opt to collect data based on lifestyle behaviors and after that, get to understand the previously collected information on morbidity and mortality. In this regard, the assessment program will be the determining platform for the real and perceived need of a society that is defined. (Avoid generalizations about health data. Be more specific to explain how the community assessment impacts the healthcare industry.) A good example is the use of religious platforms to discover the role they play with society. The fore, one can question the leadership of the organization, services offered within it and other community systems. This can be the platform for a more thorough community assessment. (This is a very short paragraph on religion. You should include more details on how religion intersects with society to provide a more in-depth analysis of this topic.) Community Assets Assessment This method entails the focus on the capabilities and strengths of the community and not its problems. Assets begin with what is in the society, its usage to the people, a and the focus of a need-based approach through the allowance of the community members to support, identify then mobilize the resources in existence within a community in the creation of a vision of change to that. This approach fosters the encouragement of further creative approaches with regards to the addressing of the present obstacles and strategies. Therefore, the argument is that the strengths of his plan are that it gets to allow the community members to be part of the identification, supporting and the mobilization of greater creativity because they can the address the problems and obstacles. (Make sure you are not missing additional words from your sentences that would make theme have a clear meaning.) The presented weakness is the fact that there is limited restructure to foster the knowledge of the existing assets in society for them to be well versed and give elaborate assessment feedback. Also, the role of public health has not received the formal recognition that is necessary for the public to comprehend the importance of public health systems fully. In this approach, the nurse can provide the bearer with the intervention efforts of the particular community and not merely provide services expected of her. (Avoid extra spaces between paragraphs.) Problem-Oriented This approach entails the process of assessing the community based on a single problem. This approach involves examining the wellbeing of society as a whole. This assessment method entails looking at the overall health issues presented in the social health data. The strength of this approach is that there is no need to have a comprehensive assessment approach but to only look at on particular isolated case on the society. (You can provide a definition of what problem-oriented is and connect it to healthcare and the assessment.) (Indent your paragraphs.) Further, the assessment is almost indefinite since its response to a particular need that is isolated. Also, it provides an avenue to have the community’s health care plan while responding to the problem at hand. The weakness of this approach is the fact that it wards on the negative side of the health attributes of society. In this regard, the creation of an intended positive change might prove difficult in some instances despite the necessity. In this approach, the nurse can explore the services available for a particular family and see if they can discover if there is an odd issue then make a problem-oriented assessment issue. Like cases of inherited diseases that were not present in the family lineage before can be used as a problem-oriented assessment because the nurse will get to the root of the issues within the community as from the childhood. References Alix, E. K. (1968). A Conceptual Model of Change Among Community Subsystems. The Sociological Quarterly, 9(4), 479-492. Eftekhari, M. B., Falahat, K., Dejman, M., Forouzan, A. S., Afzali, H. M., Heidari, N., & Mirabzadeh, A. (2013). The main advantages of community based participatory health programs: experience from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Global journal of health science, 5(3), 28. Plescia, M., Koontz, S., & Laurent, S. (2001). Community assessment in a vertically integrated health care system. American Journal of Public Health, 91(5), 811. Sharpe, P. A., Greaney, M. L., Lee, P. R., & Royce, S. W. (2000). Assets-oriented community assessment. Public Health Reports, 115(2-3), 205.

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