Saint Leo PSY 338/ PSY 338 Module 4 Quiz 2 (2015)

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The best method(s) to use in analyzing a job appears to be: (Points : 1)

the Position Analysis Questionnaire

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interviews, observations, and job participation

The Critical Incident Technique

dependent on how the information will be used

Question 2. 2. The extent to which tests or test items sample the content that they are supposed to measure refers MOST specifically to: (Points : 1)

face validity

content validity

construct validity

criterion validity

Question 3. 3. In a reference check over the telephone, Bob says that his former employee Ted was a real jerk and couldn’t be trusted. Ted might sue Bob for: (Points : 1)

negligent hiring


negligent reference


Question 4. 4. ____ is the systematic acquisition of skills, rules, concepts, or attitudes that result in improved performance. (Points : 1)



Job analysis

Stress management

Question 5. 5. Based on your text, newspaper advertisements typically ask the applicant to respond in one of four ways. Which of the following is NOT one of the four ways? (Points : 1)

Contact a recruiter

Apply in person

Send resume directly to the organization

Send a resume to a blind box

Question 6. 6. Josh conducted a job analysis by convening a panel of experts and having the panel identify the objectives and standards that are to be met by the ideal incumbent. What method of job analysis is Josh using? (Points : 1)



Nagy-Reilly Approach

Ammerman Technique

Question 7. 7. Supervisors who set goals, provide feedback, and encourage employees to use their training are trying to motivate employees to: (Points : 1)

come to training

perform better in training

pay attention during training

transfer what is learned in training to the job

Question 8. 8. An organization has difficulty getting enough qualified applicants from its existing employees to fill a vacant position. As a result, the organization seeks qualified applicants from outside the organization. This best exemplifies: (Points : 1)


internal recruitment

external recruitment

personnel selection

Question 9. 9. When an organization expects a large response to their newspaper advertisement, they would most likely use which of the following response techniques? (Points : 1)


Send a resume directly to the company

Respond in person

Send a resume to a blind box

Question 10. 10. The gathering, analyzing, and structuring of information about a job’s components, characteristics, and requirements is a process called: (Points : 1)

task analysis

job analysis


job description

Question 11. 11. ____ resumes list jobs in order beginning with the most recent job. (Points : 1)





Question 12. 12. Creating a list of tasks that are thought to be involved with a job, and having job incumbents rate the tasks on scales such as frequency of occurrence and importance, best defines which job analysis method? (Points : 1)

Task analysis

Critical incident technique

Job-element approach

Ammerman technique

Question 13. 13. Which training needs assessment technique is concerned with an individual employee’s training needs? (Points : 1)

Organizational analysis

Job analysis

Person analysis

Operations analysis

Question 14. 14. When applicants respond to a newspaper advertisement by calling, they should: (Points : 1)

practice their first few sentences

be prepared for a short interview

have a resume handy

all three would be great advice

Question 15. 15. When would the use of subordinate ratings of a supervisor be least desirable? (Points : 1)

There are only 1 or 2 subordinates

The ratings are anonymous

The ratings will not affect raises

The job is in the public sector

Question 16. 16. Which performance appraisal method assumes that employee performance is normally distributed? (Points : 1)

Rank order

Paired comparison

Forced distribution

Forced choice rating

Question 17. 17. Job analysis can serve as a foundation for: (Points : 1)

selecting employees

training employees

evaluating employees’ performance

all of these and more

Question 18. 18. To compute a band, one needs the: (Points : 1)

standard error


F ratio


Question 19. 19. Which of the following job analysis methods provides information about working conditions? (Points : 1)





Question 20. 20. When personnel professionals are concerned with adverse impact or invasion of privacy associated with a test, they are assessing the: (Points : 1)


scoring methods


potential for legal problems

Question 21. 21. Employment agencies charge the company or the applicant when the applicant takes the job. The amount charged usually ranges from ____ of the applicant’s first year salary. (Points : 1)

5% to 20%

10% to 30%

15% to 40%

20% to 50%

Question 22. 22. According to your text, a performance appraisal instrument focuses on many areas. Which of the following is NOT one of the areas listed in your text? (Points : 1)





Question 23. 23. Which of the following trait categories would include such words as outgoing, talkative, and sociable? (Points : 1)



Mental agility


Question 24. 24. About what percent of organizations use Internet recruiters? (Points : 1)





Question 25. 25. How many paragraphs does the typical cover letter contain? (Points : 1)





Question 26. 26. “Suppose that an angry customer started yelling at you in front of other customers. What would you do?” This type of interview question is an example of a(n): (Points : 1)



future-focused (situational) question

past-focused question

Question 27. 27. According to a meta-analysis by Waldman and Avolio (1986), older workers ____ than younger workers. (Points : 1)

receive higher supervisor ratings and demonstrate higher measures of objective performance

receive lower supervisor ratings but demonstrate higher measures of objective performance

receive higher supervisor ratings but demonstrate lower measures of objective performance

receive lower supervisor ratings and demonstrate lower measures of objective performance

Question 28. 28. The most commonly used method to select employees is: (Points : 1)

employment interviews

psychological tests

physical tests

letters of recommendations

Question 29. 29. Gandy and Dye (1989) believe that proper biodata items must: (Points : 1)

be job related

deal with events under a person’s control

have answers that are verifiable

all three of these are item standards

Question 30. 30. Salary surveys help establish: (Points : 1)

external equity



internal equity

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